Friskies Wet Oceanfish 400g


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Sardine, Tuna, Gelling Agents, Soybean Oil, Essential Vitamins and Minerals



Packing: 24x400g


Friskies® adult is a nutritionally complete and balanced cat food, providing maximum benefits for feline health. Friskies® meets the standard set by American Association of feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Balanced Mineral levels – to help support urinary health
Protein – for tissue maintenance
Omega 3 & 6 – for healthy skin and shiny coat
Calcium – for strong bones & teeth Adult Ocean Platter Ocean Fish


Feeding Guide :
Recommended serving amount per day
Size of cat: Up to 4 Kg; Daily Feeding Ratio (Can) : 1
Size of cat: 4-6 Kg; Daily Feeding Ratio (Can) : 2

Serve fresh from can at room temperature.

Supply fresh water at all times.

Cat Food Only


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