My first week of Internship at Aigogo

As you may know, I’m currently doing my internship at Agogo Asia, which is an e-commerce company based in Kuching till July 2018. My internship started on February 5, which means my first week is already over! On my first week here, I felt like a dried-up sponge being dip in water for the first time except the water was full of information.

First week in, there were definitely few things that I have learned. Firstly, being clueless is completely normal. The courses that you took in college sometimes do not show you the harsh reality of life. Hence this is where the role of internship sneaks in. You’ll learn more if you are not afraid to admit you don’t know something and ask for help.

The next important lesson I learned was that you should not be afraid to challenge yourself to try new things. This is the time where you discover your strengths and weaknesses. So continue to be curious and expect the unexpected.

Lastly, I learned to take every single task as an opportunity for growth. Even in the smallest tasks that you’re given, put in your best and honest effort because you’ll most likely discover and learn new skills and experience.



a Entrepreneur in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia.

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Keep it up ! You will not regret being a Enterpreneur in your life …

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